making products according to drawings and technical requirements of the customer

Technical capabilities

Design and development of technical documentation: The team of the professionally educated designers and technologists will develop all the necessary documentation for production launching in the shortest possible time. Any format and any way for data submission are acceptable for design.

Laser metal cutting: Fully computerized cutting of ferrous and nonferrous metal sheets from 0,5 mm. up to 20 mm. in thickness accurate to 0,1 mm. The maximum sheet size to be cut is 1500 x 3000 mm.

We perform metal cutting using guillotine shears and band-sawing equipment.

Stamping, guillotining, high-voltage bending, rolling: Modern equipment for release of large batches of similar metal sheet products at minimum cost.

Turning and milling operations: Are performed using newest CNC-machines with turret-type tools, which enables to perform high-efficiency works of any complexity and precision. All operations are carried out by highly qualified, professionally educated specialists, in compliance with all technical requirements of the Customer.

Welding works: electric-arc seam and spot welding, manual and semiautomatic welding. All welding operations are performed by highly qualified specialists in compliance with the State Standards requirements, using modern welding equipment, high-quality consumables and new technologies.

Painting: A modern complex for high-strength and corrosion-resistant structural coatings, based on powder paints, including anodizing, «metallic» and «antique» effects.

Assembly operations: Specialists of our factory will develop and produce any devices, necessary to achieve maximum capacity and quality of assembly operations.

Metal and components: Supply of all necessary product-related materials and components is arranged by our specialists in the shortest possible time. It is possible to use the Customer`s material totally or partially.

We have wide experience in titanium and stainless alloys treatment.

All the operations are carried out in the separated specialized workshops.

Metal and end-products are stored in indoor warehouses, ensuring the required storage conditions.

We organize delivery to any region of Russia and CIS countries.