making products according to drawings and technical requirements of the customer

We specialize in the manufacturing of products according to drawings and technical requirements of the Customer

The factory specializes in the manufacturing of products with employment of welding, turning, milling, bending CNC equipment and laser metal cutting equipment. Guaranteed quality of assembly operations is accommodated by application of specialized test equipment, using for setting and quality control of manufacturing products.

Each assembly step and factory tests of technical complex products are documented.

We attentively and exactingly relate to the technological manufacturing process of every product, including quality control and tests operations. The first-off control is implemented at the factory, when the batch production is allowed after the full conformation of the first-off product engineering documentation.

High-tech equipment, also specialists` professionalism and qualification allow to execute the spot and electric arc welding without visible seams and general flaws, peculiar to the given process.

The highest quality level of paint-and-lacquer coating and polymer powder spraying in electrostatic field is accomplished by application of modern paint-drying equipment with the thorough observance of the paintwork execution technical process.

Maximal solicitous attitude to products by transportation inside the factory and by delivery to the Customer is realized by using of specialized containers, developing and manufacturing at our factory.

For the consumer properties protection, products and materials are keeping under indoor conditions, protected from atmospheric condensation influence.

"Promtehservis" has its own technical engineering capacity with ability to design and develop new types of products, satisfying requirements of high-level quality.

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